JDC Entwine at Tribefest

Noah Gardenswartz, (center, in gold hat) will be performing at TribeFest 

JDC Entwine will be at TribeFest! Will you be there? Email Alison Laichter and alison.laichter@jdcny.org to meet up.

Here's a rundown of our sessions.

  • A Wandering Jew's "Global Jewish Comedy Show" | March 16, 4:15pm - Noah Gardenswartz, JDC Entwine Steering Committee member and comedian, pulls from his diverse array of experiences for "A Global Jewish Comedy Show," a look at Noah's encounters with global Jewish communities. [more]
  • Repairing the World: Our Shared Responsibility | March 16, 5:30pm- JDC Entwine staffer Alison Laichter looks at what the Jewish community is doing domestically and globally to make the world a better place – from disaster relief to alleviating poverty - and how you can make an individual impact. [more]

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March 12, 2014 at 10:39 AM



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