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Around the world, JDC’s work is changing people’s lives. And on any day of the week, Entwine participants are integral in making this difference. This is a space to learn about overseas needs from the young adults who are seeing it first-hand. Thanks for visiting and joining our global conversation.


Reflections on Jewish St. Petersburg

Those who know me are familiar with my fascination with Russia and the Former Soviet Union. I had studied and written about the society, honed my language skills and, until recently, all but traveled to Russia to experience the culture first-hand. Thanks to JDC, I visited Russia for the first...

Baby Help: It's for the kids

My experience volunteering at JDC's Baby Help  in Summer 2012  was magical.  I worked with the caring teachers and became a tia (aunt) for the kids, showering them with love and making sure they knew they were special independent of their backgrounds and family situations.    Since 2003  Baby Help , ...

Watch Diaspora Diaries: India

Global Jewish Life is Hilarious What do you know about Jewish life in India? We sent comedian and JDC Entwine Steering Committee member to India to meet the Jewish community and film everything! Watch for yourself:

Why I’m Co-Chairing Inside Israel 2014

Growing up, I visited Israel with my family a couple of times. As I got older I kept going back for a variety of reasons. These reasons changed based on my age. When I was 18 I went on Birthright Israel and learned about Israel’s history and really got a...

Top Ten Reasons to Attend JDC Entwine’s Inside Jewish Ukraine Event in DC!

by Elizabeth Kurtis and Melissa Weiss We're co-chairing the  INSIDE JEWISH UKRAINE  event in DC Tuesday, June 17! You can RSVP here . Here are 10 reasons why you should join us tomorrow night. (1) It’s a great opportunity to learn about people just like us on the other side...

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