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Around the world, JDC’s work is changing people’s lives. And on any day of the week, Entwine participants are integral in making this difference. This is a space to learn about overseas needs from the young adults who are seeing it first-hand. Thanks for visiting and joining our global conversation.


Thoughts from before my trip to Finland and Estonia

There really isn’t long to go now, and I should think about packing the suitcase I’ve left open on the bed in my spare room. Perhaps I should explain that statement, in a few short days, I’ll be boarding a plane to Holland, and then onto Helsinki to meet up...

Ponderings in the Philippines by Jamie Silverman

I was in the Philippines last week. Even as I write that sentence out, it seems surreal that a mere week ago, I was in that paradisiacal environment, volunteering with and learning about the Filipino culture and meeting the warm, welcoming people who reside there. And though a week later,...

Our Jewish Bollywood Love Story: How this JSC Fellow discovered her home thousands of miles away By Kimberly Duenas (JSC Fellow, Mumbai, 2013-2015) Just like other love stories, it is appropriate to begin ours with ‘once upon a time.’ But unlike others, I should probably say, ‘once upon a time...

Inside Uruguay and Argentina: Travel, Heart, Leadership – Entwined

By Nicky Auster Growing up in a thriving Jewish community in Melbourne, Australia and attending a Jewish day school, being Jewish was always a part of my identity and something that I perhaps took for granted. I have never been comfortable in leadership positions, preferring to focus on the smaller...

Paying it Forward by Miriam Bader

In a little-known piece of history, the president of the Philippines welcomed 1,305 Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe to his country in 1938. This extraordinary act of generosity led me to visit the Philippines in 2016 with the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). I too was welcomed. Smiles and ceremonies...

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