Finishing Touches in Rosario and Hello Buenos Aires

By Hadar Sachs and Ben Horowitz 

Today we woke up bright and early, excited to put the finishing touches on our service project. For those of you who are new to the blog, we have spent the last few days refurbishing and painting an apartment owned by the Kehila, the local Jewish communal organization and JDC's partner in Rosario. A new family within the community is expected to be moving in within the next few weeks.

When we arrived at the service site we were excited to see the improvements we had made so far and complete the project. We put up final layers of paint and filled in the cracks and crevices ensuring that the house was ready for its new family. 

After we cleaned up, we were joined by the kehila's governing board, the rabbi, and other members of the community including current tenants in the nearby apartments. We said some final parting words, thanking them for hosting us in Rosario and exchanged some Cornell Hillel gear. 

Next we began the undoubtedly most meaningful part of the project and the trip so far. The local rabbi led us in the ceremony of hanging the mezuzah. A mezuzah makes a home a Jewish home. Every Jewish person places this symbol on their door frame to bless the house and their family's future in it.

Rabbi Scott, Hadar, and Alicia placed three mezuzahs up in the apartment complex. Looking at the joy on the local residents' faces, our group truly felt the impact we made in the community. In this moment we felt as though we transformed the house into a real home or as you'd say in Spanish: "transformar una casa en un hogar."

After concluding our time in Rosario, we hopped back on our bus, heading to Buenos Aires. We were all in a reflective mood on the bus ride, thinking about our experience in Rosario and ways to maintain our new relationships. We arrived at our hostel in the Palermo neighborhood after 4 hours and got a chance to explore the area before heading to the local Hillel for dinner (AMAZING KOSHER MEAT!!!!). We had a great time at dinner and afterwards got a chance to check out some of Buenos Aires' night life. 

Looking forward to spending the next few days in the capital and enjoying this vibrant city! 

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April 6, 2014 at 10:41 AM




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