Day 6

Today we went to work. We split up into two groups: one group went to a small village on the outskirts of Gonder to build a school library with the local people and the other group drove far out to a rural school to teach English through interactive games.

Many of the village children came to work, play, and just watch us as we worked. Just carrying bricks from the top of the hill to the construction site produced an entourage. We helped carry cinderblocks to the site of the library while stopping occasionally to observe and play games. Manual labor in the strong sun was something new to a lot of us, yet the camaraderie and progress effected a feeling of great satisfaction. After lunch, our group had the opportunity to play in a volleyball game against a team comprised of Ethiopians. It seemed as if the entire village came out to watch us play! There were lots of cheering and jeering and our group really connected with them.

After returning to the hotel and showering, we – and our new sunburns – went to visit the recipients of a JDC scholarship for nursing school at Gonder University. Each year the JDC awards this scholarship to a number of women in the area. It was nice to learn about this program and the women who would probably not attend university if not for this opportunity. We then returned to the hotel to watch the African sunset and eat dinner together. 

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January 15, 2013 at 2:45 PM




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