Day 1: Argentina here we come!

Our grand adventure started at 1AM on Sunday morning, the air still crisp and the night still young. The Princeton contingency arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport a little less than two hours later, finding the Hopkins group already waiting by the American Airlines counter. As the two groups coalesced, an aura of restlessness and excitement surrounded us, a feeling that we were about to embark on the Spring Break of a lifetime. We still had another half an hour until we could check in, and simply didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Despite our growing fatigue, we made it through security forty-five minutes before boarding, and fifteen minutes before the breakfast kiosks opened. For the most part, the day was marked by anxious impatience and uncomfortable sleep. The second leg of the connecting trip, from Miami to Buenos Aires, was rather uneventful, with the baffling exception of the premature serving of kosher-for-Passover kosher meals. Arriving in Buenos Aires, we made our way through customs and through the city, getting a light meal on the bus before trudging into our hostel a short twenty-ish hours after our day of travel had began. Some of us had trouble sleeping, in part due to building excitement but mostly because of the number the day of travel exacted on our sleeping patterns. We now are en route to Rosario, mostly well-rested and all well-fed, excited to officially begin our trip.

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