The value and essence of life

Traveling has been a passion of mine. Exploring. Discovering. Learning. To taste new foods, to walk on unfamiliar land, to hearing the exquisite language that seem like harmonic melodies that I can’t understand. Yet, one thing is what truly makes a travel worth while, and unforgettable, and that is the people. From meeting the affluent to the less fortunate, people are what truly can make a trip. You hear about all different walks of life, and you are able to strive forward in a pair of new shoes that give you a completely different out look on life, and I believe that this is what life is about. Life is about experiencing, and reaching the world’s wonders in their entirety, and the people... The people are what make this world into a living and breathing organic Earth. 

I will discuss one aspect that truly touched my life, and one that I may hope to never forget, and that is the community of Timisoara, Romania. I met a boy named Raul, a 3 year old who lived in a saddening apartment, an apartment that had one bed room, a sink and a toilet. No shower. No Kitchen. Yet, this boy had the grandest smile across his face, a smile that could bring any sad person to life, to full,vibrant, joyful life. I was astonished by the aura that this boy emanated despite his condition. He had it figured out, much more than most Americans in the world... He knew key to happiness, one that I envied. I know that ignorance is bliss but, this... this what something that superseded all ignorance, something that pierced through any sorrow or envy that have engulfed Americans because of things that are taken for granted. His life was simple, but he enjoyed it. He loved every second of his existence, and that is living life to its fullest.

What I learned that day from this boy, was something I hope to hold onto for the rest of my life. To live life to the fullest despite whatever conditions you are in, and to enjoy every moment of happiness because with each glimmer of hope, with each glimmer of light and happiness wherein lies the infinite value of life. Each moment of life has meaning, and each moment of life is meant to be lived. 

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March 28, 2013 at 8:47 PM




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