Gearing up for Argentina!

Hello from snowy Ithaca, NY! Hadar here, reporting on behalf of the 15 of us Cornellians awaiting an amazing experience filled with growth and learning. Welcome to the Cornell Hillel JDC blog- a way for us to document our travels and adventures while we take on Argentina (and for mom and dad to know that we are safe and in good hands!). The last week before break is coming to a close and we are all ecstatic for the trip to come.

This semester we met a number of times for orientations to get an overview of Argentina, the communities we will be working with and to understand the specifics of our trip. We’ve broken through the awkward first meeting jitters and feel comfortable with the group as a whole. Last week we met for a Spanish Crash Course led by myself and Sophie to give everyone a basic understanding of the language that we can all hopefully build off of throughout the trip. We are looking forward to learning about the Jewish community in the Buenos Aires region, sharing experiences with the Argentinians we meet, and lending our time to support our new friends. Thanks to the leadership and organization of Hallie and Jenette from JDC Entwine, and Rabbi Scott from Cornell Hillel, we are ready to embark on the spring break of a lifetime this Sunday!

Stay tuned for updates and photos throughout the week!

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March 26, 2014 at 2:47 PM




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