Support for Morocco's Neediest Jewish Community Members | Inside Jewish Morocco 2013

In 2013, 21 young professionals traveled to Morocco's Jewish community with JDC Entwine. Today, they're raising money to support the local Jewish community and programs in the region.


Home to over 300,000 Jews in the mid-20th century, the Moroccan Jewish community has dwindled to around 4,000-4,500. Many have moved to Israel, Canada, or France and continue to remain connected to Moroccan Jewry while abroad.

Morocco's remaining Jews have further strengthened their ties to each other. It was striking just how vital and integrated Judaism is in the lives of the Moroccan Jews we met.

While in Morocco, we met with community leaders, learned and played with students in the local Jewish day school and danced with residents of the Jewish nursing home. 

Our current fundraising project is focused on maintaining and developing special education programs, including diagnostic and hearing exams, for 109 children at the Alliance and Maimonides primary schools in Casablanca -- the hub of Morocco's Jewish Community.  

With your support, we can help the Moroccan Jewish community address one of its top priorities — the educational needs of its neediest members. We greatly appreciate any support you give, through spreading this message or by donating below.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

JDC Entwine Inside Jewish Morocco 2013 Participants


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