Baby Help - Helping At-Risk Jewish Children in Argentina

Argentina’s Jewish community is the largest in Latin America. Following an economic crisis that decimated the country’s economy in 2001, JDC established Baby Help in 2003 for Argentina’s most vulnerable families, providing essential support such as food, milk, vitamins, vaccinations, vital newborn services, and medical attention for babies children up to age three. Baby Help also included a full-time daycare center in Buenos Aires, which offered specialized services for children at-risk and a connection to Jewish tradition for these children and families.

In 2014, as part of JDC’s efforts to transition critical social welfare services to local community institutions, JDC partnered with the Tel Aviv School, an elementary school based in Buenos Aires, to transfer Baby Help’s daycare services into the existing structure of a local academic institution. This transition will allow the program to sustainably thrive within an educational framework, will expand the social network of the children and families, and incorporate the program into the institutional framework of Buenos Aires’s Jewish Community.

JDC will support the Tel Aviv School through this critical transition, providing consultation and financial resources. The aim is to raise $250,000 to support the development of a physical space for Baby Help within the school, and support the tuition, food, and materials for 30 children in the program.

Costs include:

  • $52,000 for the construction of the physical space for Baby Help to occupy with the necessary facilities and resources
  • $6,600 to support one child’s tuition, food, and materials at Baby Help for three years

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