Help the Jewish Community of Greece

With the Euro debt crisis gripping the country, Greece’s small yet vibrant Jewish community is facing an emergency: many Jewish communal institutions—synagogues, a Jewish school, a cultural center, and a soup kitchen—are on the brink of closing and many members of the community are unemployed and struggling to support themselves and their families.

After participating on JDC Entwine's Inside Jewish Greece & Bulgaria trip in June, a group of young Jewish professionals from around the world have come together to help raise money in support of the Greek Jewish community. 

By making a donation, you will help JDC, through the local Jewish community, to save the poorest Greek Jews by supplying food, shelter, and other relief services to elderly who are struggling to survive on plummeting pensions. 

"Thank you very much in these difficult times for giving us the strength to keep going, to keep hoping, and keep being proud of being Jewish,"  Rabbi Gabriel Negrin (26), head rabbi of Athens.


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