A Beautiful Day

By Kelly

Our Saturday in Buenos Aires consisted of a wide variety of meaningful experiences. After a lively Friday night Shabbat, we continued the festivities by visiting one of Buenos Aires’ reform synagogues. Services included live music which, of course, prompted our group to get out of our seats and dance! The atmosphere in the sanctuary was lively and filled with a strong sense of community. The synagogue’s congregation and Rabbi welcomed our group with open arms and even let us enjoy their delicious Kiddush. The bagels with lox and cream cheese were a big hit and a familiar taste of home! (Shout out to Grandma and Grandpa B!)

We were lucky enough to get to interact with the congregation’s Rabbi after services. He was particularly insightful and happy to share his wisdom with us. The Rabbi told us that in his mind the true beauty of Judaism could be found in making normal, everyday things holy. Challah, he told us, becomes holy when we place it on our Shabbat table. Wine when passed around in a Kiddush cup and candles when lit on Friday night are normal things that become holy as well. Most importantly, he told us, was our ability to make time holy. Through carrying out Jewish traditions or simply engaging in tasks that are most meaningful to us, we have the ability to make time, the most precious of resources, holy. It was evident that this was true as I looked around the table at fifteen of the kindest, most intelligent and adventurous young people I had ever met. We were spending our week engaged in service, learning, and prayer, one of the holiest experiences we had ever had.

After leaving the synagogue full of energy from the Rabbi’s talk (and the lox and cream cheese bagels), we were able to explore the city of Buenos Aires and take in all that it had to offer. Experiencing the Latin elements intertwined with Jewish culture was particularly fascinating for many of us. In such a global world, it is important to understand how different cultures can come together and really create something beautiful.

Beautiful: The best word to describe our Saturday in Argentina. We found beauty in every corner, every song, every person we interacted with. It is often difficult to put the most beautiful, most life-changing experiences into words—not the most helpful realization in writing a blog post. However, I have realized that this Saturday will forever be imprinted upon our hearts and minds and this is far stronger than any written words could ever be.

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April 9, 2014 at 10:06 AM




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