Baby Help: It's for the kids

My experience volunteering at JDC's Baby Help in Summer 2012 was magical. I worked with the caring teachers and became a tia (aunt) for the kids, showering them with love and making sure they knew they were special independent of their backgrounds and family situations. 

 Since 2003 Baby Helpa center helping at-risk Jewish children in Buenos Aires followed by the country's economic collapse in 2001, has helped hundreds of families and babies aged 1-3 have a safe place to go while their parents work and most importantly a community on which to lean and gain support. In 2014 as part of JDC's efforts to transition critical social welfare services to local community institutions, JDC partnered with the Tel Aviv School, an elementary school based in Buenos Aires, to transfer Baby Help's daycare services into the existing structure of a local academic institution. While this is amazing for the long-term sustainability of the project, the families have entered into unfamiliar terrain and still need the support they were receiving at Baby Help. Money is being raised to make sure tuition will not hinder these kids from going to the school and to ensure these kids have the same food and materials as the kids around them. 

I have had the opportunity to return many times this past year toBaby Help and to the new center at the Tel Aviv school. AllI want is to ensure that the children continue receiving the same services they had at Baby Help and that money will not be a hindrance to letting them attend the school, eat, or interact with their peers.

When thinking about wrapping up my year, I wanted to do more than just what I can do with my own hands but also invite my family, friends, and community to support a project that is extremely important to me and to the continued success of Argentina's Jewish community. So far I have joined with a few other past Baby Help volunteers to support this incredible program. Our kickoff project was a merienda where we gathered our friends and ended up raising about $300! 

I am reaching out to all of you with the opportunity to join me in supporting this wonderful project. Thank you in advance for all your generosity, your gift means so much to the families of Baby Help and to me. 

If you are ready to make your donation, please click here.
Thank you again, please let me know if you have any questions or want more information! 

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