A Special Day at Baby Help

Today was a really great and special day at Baby Help.  Two grades of kids from a local Jewish school stopped by to say hi and to play with the babies and toddlers that I work with.  Granted it was a little overwhelming at first to have a huge influx of "big kids," but I was really fantastic to see them hang out together.

The older kids, about middle school age I'd say, were super well behaved, but more importantly they were super excited to help out with the kids at Baby Help.  I'm not so sure if I've seen kids their age in the US that excited to see little babies, or even act so mature around them.  There was one girl who was upset she didn't have a little toddler to partner up with.  I feel like a lot of kids I've met in the states would kind of take the excursion as an excuse to be out of school and goof off but not these ones. They were really keen to learn about the babies.

We spent about an hour hanging out together, and basically let the kids do most of the work besides general supervision etc. At the end the kids said goodbye and gave each age group a gift that they had made.  They ranged from blankets, to rattles, and kaleidoscopes.  

I think having done this was a really great idea, although it was a little stressful organization-wise at times.  Everyone for the most part seemed to be really excited and into the activities of the day.  I don't know if many of the older kids were at Baby Help themselves, but they knew all of the same songs, and I'm glad that the bonding between the jewish community here spans multiple age groups and organizations.

Coming off of this idea, the upcoming 12th Summit for Jewish Leaders and Organizations of Latin America and the Carribean is happening this comming week in Quito, Ecuador.  I will be attending, and I'm excited to see how this intermingling and information sharing conference will pan out.  I shall certainly update once again about my thoughts of this meeting, and I am very much looking forward to it!

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