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Top Ten Reasons to Attend JDC Entwine’s Inside Jewish Ukraine Event in DC!

Posted: June 16, 2014

by Elizabeth Kurtis and Melissa Weiss

We're co-chairing the INSIDE JEWISH UKRAINE event in DC Tuesday, June 17! You can RSVP here.

Here are 10 reasons why you should join us tomorrow night.

(1) It’s a great opportunity to learn about people just like us on the other side of the world -- and Adams Morgan is about 4976 miles closer than Ukraine!

(2) Meet Hillel’s Associate Director of International Operations, Yasha Moz. Yasha will discuss how American Jewish organizations are reaching out to young Ukrainian Jews, and will field questions about life in Ukraine.

(3) Check out the JDC photo gallery, featuring lots of incredible photos from JDC Archives!

(4) What better way to learn about current events so that you can impress your next JSwipe date, -- heck, bring him/her along!

(5) You’ll get an inside view into Jewish life in Ukraine!

(6) What else are you going to be doing? Getting sweaty in your work clothes while you watch the Nats play the ASTROS? #boring

(7) It’s less embarrassing to be in Adams Morgan on a Tuesday evening than it is on a Saturday, amirite?

(8) Your grandparents are worried about your safety -- get a first-hand glimpse into the country everyone is talking about without leaving the country! Do it for Bubbe.

(9) You’ll learn about Ukrainian history as it’s being made -- what’s more of a draw than that!?

(10) Complimentary food and drinks!

See you tomorrow night! RSVP here

This event is planned for a young adult audience by the Washington, DC Entwine Planning Group. This event is in association with the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.




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