Jennifer Goldman

Co-Existence in Casablanca

Posted: May 24, 2013

Jennifer Goldman lives in San Francisco. She traveled to Morocco's Jewish community with JDC Entwine in May.

Morocco is a vibrant country filled with color and culture. One thing that makes Morocco truly unique is its thriving Jewish community among its predominately Muslim population.

Morocco’s Jewish community, while small, is extremely tight knit. As a Jewish American, I felt an instant connection with the Jews of Morocco as a result of our common thread.

The tight knit Jewish community of Morocco has flourished among the acceptance of their Muslim neighbors. We witnessed this acceptance first-hand with a visit to a Jewish high school in Casablanca.

Because of the high school’s excellent academics many Muslims chose to also send their children there. We had the opportunity to spend time with the high school students, talking about everything from how they like to spend their weekends to their college aspirations. However, what made these students most impressive was the friendships they have forged with each other. 

In many places in the world coexistence seems impossible; but these students were proving otherwise.  

Join me on May 29 for closer look at this incredible community.

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