From Leningrad to St. Petersburg


March 12, 2013

Jewish life in Russia dates back centuries.

Following years of religious oppression and persecution, Jews are now free to express themselves Jewishly and develop programming for their community.

This doesn't happen overnight. And to ensure the long-term future of the community, communities needs leaders.

JDC's Lehava program in St. Petersburg does that, 
providing tools and knowledge to create communal initiatives and develop a social network of Jewish young adults who will make a meaningful contribution to the St. Petersburg Jewish community - voluntarily, professionally, 
and philanthropically.

These young adults will be joining us in seven cities around the U.S. for a discussion on Jewish life today Russia, and what the future holds.

Boston - 3/4:

Houston - 3/5:

San Francisco - 3/5:

Los Angeles - 3/6:

San Diego - 3/7:

Washington, DC - 3/11:

NYC - 3/12:


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