From Shtetl to Skype: The Ever-Changing Landscape of Baltic Jewry

San Francisco, CA

November 18, 2014


At one time, half of the world's Jewish population lived in the Baltics - it's likely many of your families come from this region. Learn about what's happening there today.

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Inna Lapidus-Kinbere, Director of the Jewish Community Center in Riga, Latvia.

An in-depth look at Jewish revival in the Baltic States of 
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Complimentary vegetarian appetizers & drinks will be served

EVENT CHAIRS  |  Lauren Zabel & Misha Karton

From Shtetl to Skype is planned by the San Francisco Entwine Planning Group for a young adult audience, in partnership with the Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund and theJewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund

*Skype software was developed in Estonia.


Event Location

Bubble Lounge
714 Montgomery St
San Francisco, CA 94111

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