Global Leaders Initiative I consider myself an international civil servant. I go any place I am sent to and where the people may need me. — Charles Jordan | Director-General, JDC, 1956-67 There is a single Jewish World: intertwined, interconnected. — Ralph I. Goldman, JDC Honorary Executive Vice President Lead / Nominate
The JDC Global Leaders Initiative - Fearless Leadership for the Global Jewish Future

The JDC Global Leaders Initiative is an unparalleled, invitation only leadership training platform that prepares talented young Jews to respond to the myriad of global issues – from poverty and aging, anti-Semitism and violence, to health and migration – facing 21st century global Jewry. Simultaneously, these young leaders take on substantive leadership roles on the Board of Directors of the Jewish humanitarian organization most deeply involved in addressing these issues, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee(JDC).

Program Highlights

A diverse cohort of 13 individuals from across the US comprised of up-and-coming Jewish lay leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to global Jewish responsibility

A 2-year training program centered around the Initiative’s innovative curriculum integrating in-person and virtual learning about global trends, interventions, and Jewish values.

Tailored project work to address current global challenges.

A 2-year term on JDC’s Board of Directors, with support from seasoned Board Partners.

Participants not only learn to represent JDC’s vital role in an evolving world, but also gain invaluable skills for the variegated professional and lay leadership paths they shall pursue.


The Initiative brings together 13 individuals Jewish leaders from across the United States.

The diverse nature of the assembly creates the unique opportunity for real-world intercultural dialogue and exchange and leads to collaboration among young leaders from across the country.


Participants benefit from a 12-month core curriculum that integrates virtual and in-person learning through monthly online video conferences, podcasts, virtual scenario gaming, a 7-day overseas field visit, and an in-person conclave at the JDC Board of Directors meetings in New York City.

Training is led by internationally-recognized academics with expertise in leadership development and cross-cultural communication; JDC’s network of global Jewish professionals and lay leaders with life-long experience responding to global Jewish challenges; as well as leading artists, historians, and thought-leaders.


Participants impact global issues and tailor their learning by choosing a consulting project in one of two tracks:

• Jewish International Development track to address
  challenges facing Latin American Jewry

• Jewish Global Management track to tackle JDC
  organizational governance issues


Alongside their training, participants serve a two-year term as members of JDC’s Board of Directors and receive guidance and support from a seasoned Board Partner.

Participants form a cadre of highly knowledgeable, networked, active young leaders, who will influence change within the organization and the Jewish world.


Lead Now - The JDC Global Leaders Initiative is limited to leaders invited by nomination only.


• A track record of volunteer leadership and
  commitment to the Jewish community.

• Demonstrated record of professional success.

• Well-honed communication and interpersonal skills.

• A commitment to global Jewish issues and desire
  to represent JDC’s vital role in an evolving world.

• A passion and commitment to JDC.

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Thank You!

JDC would like to thank JDC Board Member Arlene Kaufman for her pioneering support and leadership in launching this critical effort. We would also like to acknowledge the support of JDC Entwine Steering Committee Member Michael Arnall and The Helen F. Goldman Memorial Fund dedicated by JDC’s Honorary Executive Vice Preside Ralph Goldman z”l to ensure that JDC truly reaches the best of the next generation of Jewish leaders.

Additionally, we would like to thank the Entwine Steering Committee for insisting that we prioritize Jewish leadership and for creating the founding vision for this important endeavor.



The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, commonly known as ‘JDC’ or ‘the Joint,’ is the world’s largest Jewish humanitarian assistance organization. JDC actively pursues its global mission of rescuing Jews in danger, providing relief to the at-risk or destitute, and supporting Jewish life in developing Jewish communities outside of North America. In addition, JDC helps Israel meet the needs of its most vulnerable citizens and offers a Jewish response to natural and man-made disasters and non-sectarian development needs.



JDC Entwine is a movement of up and coming Jewish advocates, influencers, and leaders, who, through greater AWARENESS, meaningful SERVICE, and informed LEADERSHIP, create lasting IMPACT on the global Jewish community. JDC hopes to inspire the ‘next generation’ to see Jewish collective responsibility as a call to action—to understand global Jewish peoplehood as something to take responsibility for, and not just participate in.