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JDC-ESHEL is the Association for the Planning and Development of Services for the Aged, which has transformed the quality of life available to Israel’s seniors since its inception in 1969.

JDC-ESHEL strives to improve the status of the elderly population in Israel, developing conditions and services to guarantee better quality of life for the elderly, and to improve the image of older people to society as a whole. Programs include daycare centers, employment programs, volunteer programs, health promotion programs, projects for the Ethiopian elderly, housing and supportive communities, programs for Holocaust survivors, publications and videos, and the Audiovisual Center for the Elderly.

Through JDC-ESHEL, Fellows will be volunteering with Idan, a partner association providing community-based services for the elderly in Jerusalem. Idan runs four homes for the elderly in Jerusalem, providing 850 people with a safe home and a community. Some of these homes also function as daycare center, where elderly people still living at home come for the day and receive services such as food, medical attention, educational program, sporting activities, and more.


Israel today boasts one of the world’s most dynamic economies and one of the most diverse populations. Yet, it also has the second largest gap between the rich and poor in the OECD: 1.8 million men, women and children live below the poverty line and 39% of Israelis find it difficult to live on their current income.

JDC partners with the Israeli government to create strategies and solutions to combat the country’s biggest internal challenges. Through strategic interventions, JDC-Israel touches the lives of 1 in 4 Israelis, assisting the most vulnerable target populations such as: children and youth at-risk and their families, the elderly, immigrant groups, the chronically unemployed, and the disabled.

What will Fellows do with JDC Eshel?

The elderly residents staying at Idan were mostly born in the 1920's-1930's, many of whom are Holocaust survivors. These residents have rich life stories, some of whom fled from Muslim countries, faced anti-Jewish persecution and or have lived under oppressive communist regimes for decades.

All of this history and all of these memories will soon disappear with the passing of this generation. Now is the time to capture their stories, before it is too late. Through one-on-one interviews, Fellows will assist residents at Idan with writing these life stories. Fellows will also have the opportunity to facilitate other activities including sports and music.

Program Dates:
June 1 – June 29, 2017

Application Deadline:
March 20, 2017

Desired Qualifications:
• Background or comfort dealing with elderly population
• Background in music, arts, or sports
• Conversational Hebrew
• Basic Russian is a plus
• Other languages that could be helpful- Yiddish, French, Arabic

Participation Fee: $500 *
This includes:

• Housing
• Group activities and excursions
• Airport pick up/drop off in overseas location
• Some meals
• Comprehensive health and emergency evacuation insurance
• On-the-ground staff support

This does not include:
• Int'l airfare
• Most meals
• Visa (not required for US passport holders)
• Local transportation
• Leisure activities
• Personal expenses

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