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JSC Summer Experience | RUSSIA

Volunteer Placement

Take part in the local Moscow Jewish community by assisting in two exciting camp programs:

The Nikitskaya JCC is the cultural heart of the Jewish community located in a unique historic district of Moscow. The warm atmosphere of this center located in a 19th century mansion and its individual approach to each client create an ideal place for the family to relax and for individual creative development. The Nikitskaya JCC combines educational programs with quality recreation. Fellows will assist in the local JCC’s City Summer Camp for 30 children of various ages.

Fellows will also volunteer with The Integration Project, a unique collaboration between the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and The Jewish Agency for Israel. Serving over 300 individuals annually, The Integration Project facilitates the inclusion of Jewish children with special needs in formal and informal Jewish educational frameworks in Moscow. During The Project, special needs children and their families learn about their Jewish heritage, become integrated into Moscow’s Jewish communal life and receive individualized assistance in education and personal development from qualified professionals. Since many Russian citizens are still suffering financially due to the economy, The Project serves many families at risk, many of whom are single mothers raising children on their own without proper financial resources. Throughout the year, The Integration Project operates within schools and community centers and has a resounding impact on the wider Jewish community.

About the Jewish Community of RUSSIA

Named for the Moskva River that flows through the city, Moscow has long played a leading role in Russian life, functioning as a political, economic, and cultural powerhouse. Jews were first permitted to reside in Moscow in the late 18th century. Many of Moscow's Jews emerged as leaders during the Soviet-era Refusenik movement, and in the midst of the resurgence of Jewish life throughout the former Soviet Union. However, the 1991 collapse of the Communist regime brought difficult challenges along with newfound freedoms. Many of the leaders of the Refusenik movement followed their dream and moved to Israel, and a large number of the Jews who remained in Moscow became culturally assimilated, and are dispersed across the city's vast metropolitan area. Today, with JDC's help, Moscow's Jewish community is paving the way for an urban, sophisticated Jewish life that is both strongly Jewish, and uniquely Russian, and one that speaks to Muscovites' distinctive cultural and intellectual sensibilities.

Program Dates:
May 30 – July 2, 2017

Application Deadline:
March 20, 2017

Desired Qualifications:
• Basic Russian not necessary but preferred
• Background or interest working with children
• For the integrational camp- experience and passion to work with special needs children a must
• Background or interest in working on educational programs
• Informal Jewish educational experience and or camp experience
• Energetic, flexible, open minded, and independent
• “Team player” and an ability to work collaboratively
• Other helpful skills may include arts, music, theatre, etc.

Participation Fee: $850 *
This includes:

• Housing
• Group activities and excursions
• Airport pick up/drop off in overseas location
• Some meals
• Comprehensive health and emergency evacuation insurance
• Visa (required for US passport holders; JDC will manage the visa application process)
• On-the-ground staff support

This does not include:
• Int'l airfare
• Meals while not at Camp
• Visa (not required for US passport holders)
• Local transportation
• Leisure activities
• Personal expenses

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