Hola Amigos!

By Alicia and Josh

Today was yet another eventful one; this time in Buenos Aires! We started off the day visiting the Tel Aviv School, which is a Jewish day school for children from the ages of three to thirteen. Our group of fifteen Cornellians were split into two groups, with each one playing a variety of games with either four or five year olds. While we made this group of cute kids smile and laugh in the morning, our group had a greater impact on the Jewish elderly community when we visited them in the afternoon.

The Jewish elderly home, L’Dor V’dor, allowed us to work with those in the home on occupational therapy projects like knitting and artwork in preparation for Passover. We got to interact with them and learn their stories of their backgrounds and history. We were lucky enough to have lunch with them and interact even more. Although the young children and the elderly are years apart, we experienced so many similarities when interacting with both groups.

We then had the unbelievable opportunity to visit AMIA, the Jewish Federation of Argentina. We learned its history and the impact they create in this amazing country, and the services they provide to everyone in the community. We got to experience this firsthand as we took a dance class with the elderly of AMIA.

At AMIA, we experienced the liveliness of Buenos Aires’ Jewish community while watching and participating in a dance class for the elderly. The room was filled with smiles and laughter as we swayed to Argentinian hit songs, Israeli classics, and Psy’s one-hit wonder, “Gangnam Style”. After leaving this amazing highlight of the trip, we were able to prepare for Shabbat.  We had Shabbat services at an independent minyan where sang, danced and enjoyed fantastic food. We ended the evening singing for hours around the dinner table with both our group and the Argentinian community that was present. We had a fantastic day and a restful Shabbat! 


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April 6, 2014 at 10:52 AM




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