About ReOrdered: a global Passover toolkit

ReOrdered is the Entwine spin on Passover: a dive into the global and interconnected Jewish world through the timeless themes of freedom and storytelling. You will eat, toast, listen, and dream your way through the global Jewish world as you uncover the stories of communities and share your own.

About JDC Entwine

Entwine is building a generation of young Jews who lead and live a life of action with global Jewish awareness, connection and responsibility at its core. We offer transformative global service and travel experiences, innovative educational programs, and tailored leadership development opportunities through which young people can explore, find meaning, and take action. Learn more at www.jdcentwine.org.

What's in your Reordered Toolkit?

Host Guide (1) – Including everything you need to know to host a ReOrdered experience. Take a look HERE.

Matzah Box Centerpiece (1) – Representing the boxes JDC has historically shipped Matzah in to support Jewish communities in need, this box includes Entwine’s “Four Questions” and can go in the center of your table.

ReOrdered Recipe Book (1) – We partnered with Entwine alum Ksenia Prints of immigrantstable.com to create a dynamic Passover recipe book including traditional foods from across the globe. Learn to cook some of the recipes HERE.

Questions? Email us at jdcentwine@jdc.org.

The Four Community Cards (8) – Each card includes a story, general information, a ritual food item, and a traditional “toast” from each community.

Drink Coasters (8) – Each coaster has the word for “cheers” in the local language of one of the four communities.

ReOrdered Postcard (8) – An introduction to ReOrdered to place at each seat.

Commitment Postcard (8) – For you and your guests to dream about the coming year.


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Please note: Due to high demand and Passover approaching, Toolkits ordered by 9:00am EST on Wednesday, March 28 will be shipped out the same day for end of week delivery (domestically). Toolkit orders placed after 9:00am EST on Wednesday, March 28 will be delivered within 7-10 days. We can provide Toolkit supplies for up to 32 guests. If you need additional supplies, we would be happy to send you a toolkit for 32 and digital versions to print extra copies for your guests. Please contact us with any questions at jdcentwine@jdc.org

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