Inside Israel 2014

November 8, 2014 - November 16, 2014

In memory of Eugene J. Ribakoff, z"l, a great Jewish leader.

Join JDC Entwine and other young professionals for this in-depth look at social innovations in Israel. 

How does the Israeli government's leading partner help meet the critical social issues facing the country's most-vulnerable citizens? What can Americans learn from innovations in Israel?

  • Immigration: How does Israel absorb and integrate new immigrants and respond to asylum seekers?
  • Employment: What populations are behind the employment curve? How can Israel train a diverse and productive workforce for the future?
  • Education: Who are Israel's at-risk students? How do we outreach to them and help them succeed?
  • Inclusion: What is Israel doing to create a more welcoming society? How can public-private-NGO partnerships lead the way? 
  • Volunteerism & philanthropy: Do Israelis give back? And can U.S. philanthropic models work in the Israeli scene

Trip Chairs: Max Sandler and Beth Shyken


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Cost: $2800. More details on our trip info sheet.


Application deadline: June 22, 2014


Past participant Aaron Herzl reflected on his experience witnessing JDC's work in the field of education in Israel:


"After a visit a JDC-supported school, I had a realization. These children were getting an education beyond their parents' wildest dreams. They were surrounded by the efforts of loving JDC hearts from around the world. Where others turned away, the Joint brought new hope and loving support to Israel's lost children. I was and continue to be honored to be associated with a humanitarian effort of this magnitude. I am part of something that brings light where there is darkness. Like those students, I too have been touched by the JDC."


Background: JDC in Israel

Throughout the country, JDC partners with the Israeli government to create strategies and solutions to combat the country's biggest internal challenges.

Learn more about JDC's work in Israel here.

By Max Sandler on Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 10:08:32 AM

Growing up, I visited Israel with my family a couple of times. As I got older I kept going back for a variety of reasons. These reasons changed based on my age. When I was 18 I went on Birthright Israel and learned about Israel’s history and really got a...

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