Inside Jewish Bulgaria: Inaugural National Leadership Trip for College Students

January 3, 2015 - January 11, 2015

Open to Jewish undergrads from any campus, this trip will engage with Bulgaria's Jewish community and explore JDC’s programs in the region first-hand.
Bulgaria is a Balkan state located in the southern part of Eastern Europe and was part of the Soviet bloc until 1990. The Jewish community, primarily Sephardic Jews, numbered 50,000 prior to World War II and was largely spared during the Holocaust. Since then, however, most of Bulgaria’s Jews have immigrated to Israel, leaving behind a community of about 7,550.
This group will have an extraordinary opportunity to explore Jewish life in Sofia, spending time together with Bulgarian Jewish peers, learning about Jewish life in their small but tight-knit community, exchanging ideas and experiencing both the renewal of Jewish life and the continued need for social services. They’ll participate in a communal Shabbat program and experience Jewish learning and communal spirit.

Application Deadline: October 19, 2014

Trip Chairs: Liz Jones (Yale 2015), Sam Magnes (UVA 2017), Leah Naidorf (UVA 2015)
Email for more our online application, sample itinerary and cost information - subsidies are available!

By Joe Schuman on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 1:30:47 PM

When I first told my family and friends that I was going to Bulgaria, the first question they asked me was, “why?” This was usually followed up by, “where?” And in general, I would respond with a shrug and say, “volunteerism,” and point to Bulgaria on a map. But in...

By Leah Naidorf on Friday, January 9, 2015 at 2:58:47 PM

As a trip member on JDC Entwine's first national college trip, I met the other trip members only upon arrival in Bulgaria. Soon after, we became quickly immersed into the Jewish culture of Bulgaria by being briefed on the region's most pressing issues, its most vibrant programs, and experiencing Sephardic...

Feb 13, 2015 10:53:46 AM
Jan 9, 2015 3:11:55 PM

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