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Inside Haiti Through A Child's Eyes

Posted: December 12, 2013

In February 2013, Dorron Lemesh participated in JDC Entwine's Inside Haiti trip. As part of the experience, Dorron and fellow Entwine Insiders visited Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje, a school launched by The Foundation for Progress and Development (PRODEV) with the objective to train a growing number of teachers and provide under-privileged children of Haiti with the education they deserve. || FULL PHOTO SET HERE

When we visited the school in Zoranje, JDC Entwine asked us to come up with activities to do with the kids.  
I remembered being inspired by a project which I once heard about in India, or maybe it was Nepal, regardless it was terrific, where school kids were given disposable cameras, and asked to photograph their friends & family, at their homes, where they play, any way they wanted to.
I said "that's what I want to do." So we gave cameras to the best students in each grade, and let them go to work!

The results were, not unexpectedly, astonishing.
A few photos are here, and a full album with some photos from each of the eight students is here: 
I loved the idea of being able to see the world unfiltered through a child's eyes, and hopefully get (and we did) a more honest look at the world they inhabit. When one travels, there can be a tendency to inadvertantly create "docu-pornography" or getting shots that either show the majestic side of a location / situation, or the gut-wrenching can-you-believe-it tragic extreme, that one can show off afterwards -- who wants to look at boring photos?
The kids taking pictures removes the ego from the story, and shows an unvarnished, if seemingly less exciting and more mundane, truth. And therein lies the story, that life, despite bombastic headlines, and the myriad of daily struggles, is magically mundane, and that is no bad thing. 

Check out another inspiring JDC Entwine Inside Haiti 2013 here, where Carrie Watkins posts about an unexpected jam session involving a ukele and young student rapping.

See, help out and learn for yourself:

Applications are now open for JDC Entwine Inside Haiti 2014!



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